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Check Your Plane Line Pt2

Here’s another great drill that is good for checking that your golf swing has the correct swing plane line throughout. For this drill take two middle irons and turn one of them upside down so as the grips are joined together. Next assume the correct posture, ensuring that both clubs are aligned with each other, with the top club somewhere near your left armpit. Simply swing back and down taking note of what both golf clubs are doing.

If your golf swing has the correct plane line then whichever club head is closest to the ground at any point of the backswing and downswing that club head should be pointing directly down to the target line. At waist high on the backswing both golf clubs should be parallel to the target line, and at waist high on the downswing the clubs should also be parallel to the target line. This is also a good drill to tell whether your first move down from the top of the golf swing is poor. If you start down correctly with the bottom half leading, your hands and club following down in sequence then the two clubs will automatically drop down to the parallel position at waist high. However if you start down with your arms and shoulders then you will find that the bottom club will whack into your left leg. So if you want to save yourself some pain then you had better get your plane line right.

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