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At the age of seven, Chuck was introduced to the game of golf by his grandfather. It was love a first strike and Chucks been playing golf ever since. He has worked at some prestigious golf clubs including, TPC Scottsdale, Troon North, Legend Trail, Mission Hills and LaCantera. Chuck was the Director of Golf Schools at the PGA TOUR Academy at The World Golf Village in St Augustine, Florida and spent many years establishing golf schools all over the country for Resort Golf.

Chuck honed his coaching skills under the tutelage of some great instructors, including Bill Forest, 2007 PGA teacher of the year, and Scott Sackett who has been named top 100 instructors for the past 10 years along with other Top 100 instructors Bryan Gathright and Tim Mohoney.

He is proud to have completed Master Instructor Certification from Medicus Golf Institute which was designed with the science of golf in mind. Medicus is based on the philosophy of Homer Kelly who wrote the wonderful book The Golfing Machine.

Currently Chuck is the Director of Instruction for Advantage Golf School and the Lead Instructor for Golf Digest School in Orlando, Florida. His amazing ability to connect with his students of all ages and his knowledge of the game makes him one of the best coaches around.

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Use the bounce

  • Chuck teaches us how to use the bounce with your sand wedge in this free video.

  • Putting setup

  • Chuck teaches us how to achieve a perfect setup when putting in this free video.

  • Spine tilt

  • Chuck teaches us the correct spine this in this free video.

  • Impact

  • Chuck Waltz teaches us how to perfect our impact by using an impact bag in this video.

  • Pivot motion

  • Chuck demonstrates how to achieve a better pivot motion in this video.

  • The dominant hand

  • Chuck Waltz shows us how to keep our dominant hand quiet in this free video.

  • The release

  • Chuck teaches us how to release the club effectively in this video.

  • Downswing lag

  • Chuck Waltz demonstrates how to achieve downswing lag in this video.

  • Top of the swing

  • Chuck Waltz teaches us how to get our clubface square at the top of the swing in this video.

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