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Coil Coil And More Coil

Most people realize that a big factor in gaining distance is by achieving a full shoulder turn. But a full shoulder turn is only useful if it is pitted against a resistant bottom half, and this resistance is provided by the hips. Both hips and shoulders turn on the backswing, however the hips should turn considerably less than the shoulders, and the less you can turn the hips the better. The bigger the gap between the hips and shoulder turn the bigger the power factor on the downswing. Having said that though it is important to have at least a 30 degree hip turn.

To help you keep your hip turn at a minimum you can try this instruction. Place two balls under the outside of your right foot while you are practicing the golf swing. This golf drill will prevent your weight from moving to the outside of your right and prevent your hips from overturning on the backswing. While you are doing this donít forget to turn your shoulders as much as you can. If done correctly you should feel a lot of resistance at the top of your golf swing, you are then in a position to unleash that tension down to the golf ball.

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golf lessons