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The Correct Finish

If you have problems with your backswing, downswing and follow through, it might be a good idea to work solely on the follow through. Just as the address position sets you up for your best swing so to does the finish position. If you start in the right spot and finish in the right spot you are well on your way to perfecting the middle bit.

A good drill highlighted below is called the front loader. What you need to do is assume the perfect finish position. Weight fully on your left side, right foot up on its toe, belt buckle over your left foot, and facing the target with your hands and club just near your left ear (first photo) Next you should swing back down missing the ball, and up to the top of the swing. Then swing down actually hit the ball swinging through to the same position you were in at the start. (fifth photo)

Donít worry about what sort of contact you make with the ball, the main objective with this drill is to simply ingrain both the mental image and the physical feel of the finish position.

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