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Ed Hanczaryk is a top 50 teacher in Canada, and four time Teacher of the Year in Eastern Canada. Ed Turned professional in 1979, in Boulder Colorado; Member of the US PGA as well as Canadian PGA. He was the Low qualifier, PGA playing ability test, top 5% of class in PGA written exam. Served his apprenticeship at Sawgrass Country Club, Ponte Vedra, Florida, site of the Tournament Players Championship. Ed was the Head Professional, Pine Lakes Country Club, in North Florida He Coached The Jacksonville University Mens Golf Team, a Division 1 School.

Ed has Worked one-on-one with David Ledbetter, Bert Yancey, Craig Harmon, Paul Runyan, Davis Love Senior, Jack Lumpkin, Mitchell Spearman, and many other top instructors. He has also Co-produced a video "The Wright Swing"; a video textbook on a legendary teacher in North Florida, Norrie Wright.

Ed Taught in Nova Scotia since 1988; coached the NSLGA Teams for 5 years. He has Worked closely with Dr. Joe Parent, coach of Vijay Singh, and author of bestselling book Zen Golf. Annual Short Game/ Mind Game School held in Nova Scotia with Dr. Parent. Ed was Recently named first Certified Zen Golf Instructor. www.zengolf.com Named by the RCGA as Provincial Coach of the top 30 elite junior players in Nova Scotia, one of only 14 coaches in Canada. www.rcga.org/english/PlayerDevelopment/coaches.asp

His Students locally have won Provincial championships, many club championships, accepted college scholarships, played in Canadian Open, web.com tour, and other events. Greatest successes are with the average golfer playing the best golf of his or her life. Eds Indoor training facility "Ed's Golf Studio", expands the season for thousands of golfers in the province.
Named Top 50 Teachers in Canada by The National Post
Voted by peers Top Teacher in Eastern Canada 4 years in a row.

aching Michael Hoey to a win on the European Tour this season and has worked closely with many leading players on the PGA including Rory Mcilroy and Ernie Els, he has also coached meny fine players on the ET and Asian Tours.

Since its beginning, the golf school has had much success and adulation, however Justin has maintained his career development, attaining his Titleist Performance Institute Level 3 Golf Professional Certification and Level 2 Junior Coach. A specialist in 3D analysis and functional movement screening, Justin aims to build lesson programs and practice programs to help all levels of golfers improve.

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The grip

  • Ed teaches us how to grip the club elegantly in this video.

  • Impact position

  • Ed teaches us an interesting drill to help with our impact position in this video.

  • Backswing Coil

  • Ed teaches us a great drill to help with our backswing coil in this video.

  • Backspin

  • Ed teaches us how to get more backspin in this video.

  • The 3 in one zip stick

  • Ed uses his zip stick to teach us about angular momentum in this video.

  • No more chipping yips

  • Ed teaches us a great way to sop yipping our chips in this video.

  • Sidespin

  • Ed teaches us how to stop sidespin in this video.

  • Over the top be gone

  • Ed Hanczaryk teaches us how to get the right moves on the downswing in this video.

  • Hang your arms at address

  • Ed Hanczaryk teaches us how to stand up to the ball correctly in this video.

  • The pivot pencil

  • Ed Hanczaryk teaches us an interesting way to turn your slice into a draw in this video.

  • Secret downswing move

  • Ed explains the secret downswing move in this video.

  • Swing plane

  • Ed talks to us about swing plane in this video.

  • Core rotation

  • Ed Hanczaryk teaches us how to get great core rotation in this video.

  • Wedge play

  • Ed shows us how to get good contact with our wedges in this video.

  • Stop swingin over the top

  • Ed discusses an interesting way to help us to stop coming over the top in this video.

  • Earth forces

  • Ed teaches us how to achieve earth forces with the power foam in this video.

  • Police your golf swing

  • Ed teaches us how to achieve centre of pressure in this video.
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