For $15 USDper month you can be a part ofGolf Lessons Online. (Paypal payment button at the bottom of this page)
Please scroll down below to discover all of the benefits of being promoted on our website and social media.
To be a part of our team at Golf Lessons Online you need:
1: To be a PGA or certified golf instructor from anywhere in the world.
2: To be based at a teaching facility of any description.
3: A golf academy or organisation involved with the promotion of golf and it's PGA members.
4: To have instruction videos on Youtube,we can then embed these into our Tube which promotes you, your brand and your teaching facility.
Your Youtube videos can be on your own channel, or any third parties channel.
You already have Youtube videos, so why is this different and what is in it for you?
Youtube is a great way of sharing your golf instruction with the world, however it does have it's limitations as to it's ability to promote .
you, your brand and your teaching facility.Here at Golf Lessons Online our total focus is to promote you the coach as well as your brand
and your teaching facility.
Once you have signed up you donít have to do a thing.We take care of everything including building your presence on our site as well
as making all of your embedded video pages which we use to promote you on our Tube as well as social media.
For $15 per month this is what you get.
1: Main page listing. Click all of the images below to check out the relevant pages.
Each coach has their own section..
There is a logo highlighting your brand.
In this section there as a main profile picture
There is also a Bio
There is a link to your personal Golf Tube
2: Instructors designated Tube page.
The instructors designated page is linked straight from
each instructors section of the main page.On this page
there is a digital business card.
As well as another bio.
This page is where all of your instructional videos are listed.
There are links to your own social media.
And a custom built banner linking to your own website.
3: Embedded video pages.
Any Youtube videos that you have will be embeded
and linked from your own Tube page.
On each embedded video page there is a direct link back
to your own website via a customised banner.
The more videos you have and upload to Youtube the
more we can promote you.
4: You are promoted on all of Golf Lessons
Online's social media platforms.
We have over 30,000 followers on Twitter and
Facebook.Every one of your videos are posted to
Twitter and Facebook.
Each post is boosted via geographical targeting
so that hundreds of targeted golfers in your area
will get to experience you and your brand.
Every post is linked straight to your embededed
video pages, and every post features each
instructors brand/logo.
We also share any interesting posts that each
coach make on their own social media platforms.
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