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STEPS 1 and 2:    Download the FREE V1 digital coaching app using the link above.

Using your iphone, andriod or digital camera film two golf swings using the V1 app, one swing from front on, and one from down the target line.

Using the V1 app click the send button, then select "Golf Lessons Online" as the academy. Select Martin Ridgway as your instructor then click "asign to instructor". Your lesson will automatically be sent to Martin.

STEP 3:   Pay for your lesson using our Paypal account below.

STEP 4:   Between 1 to 3 days you will recieve an email notifying you that you can login to view your lesson using the login to the left of this screen. If your lesson fails to load on your system, click the Youtube link on the login page to view your lessons.

Each lesson comes with a detailed analysis from Martin as well as specific drills tailored to suit your needs. You may access our login page or Youtube channel anytime anywhere to view your online golf lessons which is a great way to track your progress.

         Learn to achieve a good impact position this free video from Martin.

About Martin Wridgway.

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Martin is currently a fully qualified Key to Golf Instructor and HG Clubfitting Golf Professional at the Golf Science Centre Cheltenham, Victoria. His amateur career included being an A grade Pennant representative at Nedlands and Mt Lawley Golf Clubs W.A, as well as Club champion at Nedlands Golf Club. Marting grew up playing his amateur career with the likes of Nick O’Hern, Chris Grey, Steven Leany, Bret Rumford, Kim Felton, Greg Chalmers, Terry Pilkadaris, Vernon Sexton-Fink, Richie Smith and Dean Alaban. He has worked with numerous state coaches including David Milne, Ross Metherall, Richard Brain, Paul Spakman and Mostern Farmer.

He is the winner of the Boyne Island Pro Am amateur. as well as numerous amateur titles in W.A and QLD. He also played 2 years on the Sunshine Pro Am circuit in QLD, before settling into a career as a teaching professional.

Martin utilizes the Croker Golf System in his coaching, I like the way it creates a simple to under stand learning environment that can be easily followed by the students. It provides a complete understanding of the golf swing from the ground up in a simple step-by-step program. If you like it de-clutters the already somewhat complicated game of golf and allows us to get back to a basics.

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