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Hi, I'm Ray Boone. Ive been teaching for 23 years and 41,000 hours of golf instruction. Ive been trained by many of the best teachers- David Leadbetter, Harvey Ward, Mike Bender, Peter Kostis, and Brad Faxon. I have an incredible passion for teaching the game and really enjoy helping others to get better. My teaching philosophy is to keep things simple. Give students a step by step improvement plan in order keep students from getting confused. I like to treat students as individuals and understand there isnt one way to swing a golf club. I want to work with the students physical abilities and enhance what they already do well.

Feel The Passion!

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Hitting over bunkers

  • Ray Boone teaches us how to play over a bunker in this video.

  • Bunkers

  • Ray Boone teaches the high handicapper the best way to play the bunker shot in this video.

  • The early release

  • Ray Boone teaches us how to fix the early release in this video.

  • Shoulder turn

  • Ray Boone teaches us the correct shoulder turn in this video.

  • Stop casting

  • Ray shows us the best way to start the downswing in this video.

  • Through the ball

  • Ray shows us how to whip the shaft through the ball in this video.

  • Uphill lie

  • Ray shows us how to play from an uphill lie in this video.

  • Basic bunker technique

  • Ray Boone explains the basic bunker technique in this video.

  • Straight left arm

  • Ray discusses the importance of having a straight left arm in this video.

  • Flop shot

  • Ray teaches us the best way to play the tricky flop shot in this video.

  • Bunker shot wrist action

  • Ray shows us the correct way our wrists should work in the bunkers in this video.

  • Setup position

  • Ray teaches us the correct setup position in this video.

  • Hip action

  • Ray shows us the correct hip and leg action in this video.

  • Buried lie

  • Ray Boone teaches us how to escape from a buried lie in a bunker in this video.
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