About Rick Woodson

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Rick Woodson has been a PGA Golf instructor for over twenty-five years. He was formerly a PGA/Nationwide Tour and Canadian Tour Member with 12 professional wins on his record. A PGA Member since 2001, he has worked with some of the games best coaches. He is capable of using his years of experience to advance any golfer to new levels and simplifying their golf swing.

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Controlling the backswing

  • Rick Woodson shows us how to control the backswing in this video.

  • Impact position

  • Rick Woodson teaches us the impact position in this video.

  • Stop casting

  • Rick shows us how to stop casting on the downswing in this video.

  • Impact position lesson

  • Rick gives us another lesson on the impact position in this video.

  • Ball compression

  • Rick teaches us about ball striking and compression feedback in this video.

  • Backswing downswing transition

  • Rick teaches us how to make a good transition from our backswing to our downswing in this video.

  • Grip and backswing

  • Rick teaches us the correct grip and backswing in this video.
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