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  • Peter Croker teaches us how to build our swing by mastering pitching in this video.

  • How to setup for chipping

  • Christie Quinn teaches us how to setup to a chip shot in this video.

  • Short game

  • Shawn Cox gives us a comprehensive short game lesson in this video.

  • Are you a digger or a slider

  • Justin Parsons talks to us about the angle of attack when chipping in this video.

  • Flop shot

  • Ray Boone teaches us how to play the flop shot in this video.

  • Pitching technique

  • Peter Croker teaches us all about the pitching technique in this video.

  • Stop hitting up on the ball

  • Ed Hanczaryk helps us to stop hitting up on the ball when chipping in this video.

  • Chipping tips

  • Krista Dunton gives us a couple of tips on chipping in this video.

  • Setup for chipping

  • Chuck Waltz shows us how to setup to the ball when chipping in this video.

  • Trackman and short iron drills

  • Justin Parsons talks about how he uses trackman to help with the short game in this video.

  • Using the bounce

  • Krista Dunton teaches us how to use the bounce on our wedges for chipping and pitching in this video.

  • Lob shot

  • Ray Boone shows us how to play the useful lob shot in this video.

  • Chipping basics

  • Justin Parsons teaches us the simplest and most effective way to chip the golf ball in this video.

  • High and low chipping

  • Krista Dunton shows us how to play the high and low chip shots in this video.

  • chipping basics

  • Ray Boone teaches us some chipping basics as well as talking about the landing zone in this video.

  • Hitting motion-long game Vs short game

  • Shawn Cox shows us the difference in hitting motion from the full swing to the short game swing in this video.

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